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Richard (Rich) Whitman

Richard (Rich) Whitman, with over 30 years of experience, is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional. Not only is he a respected leader in the field of addiction recovery he is a pioneer in the industry. Rich has been instrumental as a consultant to some of the finest treatment programs in the nation and served as an addiction advisor to Dr. Phil McGraw for 8 seasons of the Dr. Phil Show. Rich is an Independent Consultant and the Founder of Whitman Recovery Service. As such, he provides maximum service to hundreds of individuals and their families every year, offering guidance on how to access the best treatment options available and break down the barriers which stand between addicts/alcoholics and their families from accessing the help they desperately need.

In his role as a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional. As a trusted interventionist Rich has conducted countless successful interventions throughout the United States and has made numerous television appearances. Rich combines decades of clinical expertise with a no-nonsense style that quickly gains the trust of clients and families alike. He is professional, compassionate, and dedicated to help every individual and family struggling with a substance abuse and/or mental health disorder.

Rich Whitman

A Vision for Change

A Vision for Change: How to Help Someone With Addiction or Mental Illness


When someone you love begins to behave in ways that worry you, it can feel overwhelming to know where to go for help. Finding help is especially daunting when the affected person doesn’t want help…

Nadia L. Jafar-Burns

Nadia L. Jafar-Burns, a woman in long-term recovery, is an attorney, Certified Recovery Specialist, and Interventionist. Nadia works side by side with Rich to co-facilitate interventions, treatment placements, and provide additional family support. Nadia’s passion in life has been recovery from the disease of alcoholism/addiction, promulgated by her own personal struggles as an alcoholic.  Nadia utilizes her own vulnerability and the lessons drawn from her personal recovery in pursuit of helping others seeking to heal from this same condition – this has become Nadia’s guiding light in sobriety, her personal life, and career. Nadia has been trained in multiple modalities of Intervention, and is also a Certified Recovery Specialist with extensive recovery coaching, case management, and safe passage transport experience. Because of her background as a licensed professional, she is uniquely qualified to work with licensed professionals, executives, and a more mature client demographic, helping to reduce the barriers they face in getting and staying sober.  Nadia’s education includes a BBA in Finance and Juris Doctorate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as multiple intervention and recovery coaching certifications. Outside of her career, Nadia’s personal life is focused on being a good mother to her 7-year old son and giving back to her local recovery community.

William Ford

William Ford is a Texas native in his early 30’s who started working with Rich and the Whitman Recovery Service team in 2015.  As a now recovered addict himself William is able to connect with and relate to young people who are struggling with addiction in a way that not many other people can.  Williams involvement in long term recovery has made him passionate about giving others the same 2nd chance at life that he was blessed with.  He studied business at University of Texas. In 2004 and after college took the opportunity to travel the world for several years, backpacking through Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He continues to take a few “out of the box” trips every year.  “Will says it helps me gain an enormous amount of human perspective.”

When to Seek Professional Intervention Help

It’s a common misconception that an interventionist primary function is to make an uplifting speech that inspires someone to admit they need treatment. However, the role of a professional interventionist goes far beyond meeting with someone who is struggling with addiction or a dual diagnosis. It also involves helping loved ones learn to change their habits and set appropriate boundaries that hold people accountable.

Many people incorrectly believe their loved ones must hit rock bottom before they will accept help. However, think of an intervention as a controlled bottom. By enlisting the help of a professional interventionist, family and friends can raise an addicted individual’s bottom, allowing them to see it without having to hit it.

If you’re ready to discover more about your options or start the intervention process for someone you care about, call 512-722-7566 today.

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