Sober Companion


Sober Companion, Sober Transport

Whitman Recovery Service provides sober companion and transport services for your loved ones struggling with addiction to ensure that your loved one arrives at their destination safely and will remain with them until a successful transfer of care is completed. Your loved one will be accompanied by a reliable and experienced transporter on all Sober Escort and Transport services.

I had the experience of receiving help from this honest, caring, unique and devoted company that got the ball rolling and got things handled.

Whitman Recovery Service will coordinate travel arrangements and times with the admitting or discharging facility to ensure a safe transport. Unless other means of transportation are required, our transports are conducted in safe, clean, vehicles in excellent condition. We will stay in communication with the family, treatment center or referral source to provide updates during the transport. Transports can be provided for other crucial situations requiring a Sober Companion. Such situations include post treatment acclamation to help client’s transition into their home environment, emergency personal issues that arise during in-patient treatment, requiring a short-term leave, social events, and business engagements.