Recovery Coaching & Case Management


Recovery Coaching

Whitman Recovery Service’s recovery coaches work face to face with those in recovery as well as those struggling with addiction or alcoholism seeking recovery. Recovery coaching will help your loved one look at how addiction or recovery is playing a key role in their daily life and helps clients make better daily life choices in the areas of overall lifestyle, career, and relationships. A recovery coach’s goal is to promote positive change for someone coming from treatment or still struggling with addiction and avoid relapse while building a community support group in recovery. WRS’s coaches implement individualized treatment plans for each client which engages the entire family system.

Thank you Whitman Recovery Service for all the ways you get vulnerable individuals to treatment, and support their families during the process. Your services are invaluable!

WRS’s recovery coaches and case managers will:

  • Assist you and your family in identifying and overcoming barriers to recovery.
  • Connect individuals and families with recovery support services within the recovery community.
  • Advocate on your behalf and provide guidance for personal recovery, establishment of goals and developing life skills.
  • Help families establish healthy boundaries and provide support during times of crisis.
  • Help educate the family on the disease of alcoholism and substance abuse disorder, what “enabling” is and how it affects your loved one.
  • Help families seek a path to recovery for themselves and to understand their recovery is an important part of their loved one’s recovery.