Mental Health Companions

Mental Health Companions

mental health companions

Whitman Recovery Service is well-known for our superior Sober Companion and safe transport services. Today, we have taken these models and transformed them for those in need of ongoing mental health support.

Our Mental Health Companions are highly trained experts who engage, assist, and guide your loved one so that they may function productively in day-to-day life.

This man genuinely cared for what was happening in my family and helped me find a place that was tailored to the needs of my family member. He fought for me and pulled me though this.

What Does a Mental Health Companion Do?

When you work with a mental health companion, you can rest assured that your loved one has individual, 24/7 attention. In addition to monitoring and support for overall safety and well-being, a companion helps individuals to manage daily tasks, get motivated, and overcome challenges.

These caregivers are passionate about helping others and making a difference. They will develop an excellent rapport with your loved one, empowering them to make a positive change. A typical day for one of our mental health companions includes accompanying people to work, various locations for errands, providing transportation when needed, and teaching independent living skills.

What You Can Expect

Through this program, people who struggled to set and achieve goals will take concrete steps to improve their daily lives. Budgeting, professional guidance, sober monitoring, successfully attending meetings and doctor’s appointments, and educational plans are just a few areas in which mental health companions can assist.

Mental Health Companions

At Whitman Recovery Service, we understand that individuals with mental health concerns require the highest quality of care. It is our priority to continually educate our staff on industry best practices and evidence-based approaches. We invest in extensive, ongoing training for all of our mental health companions.

To learn more about our companionship programs or to find out if a mental health companion is right for you, please contact Whitman Recovery Service today. Our team members are standing by and are ready to take your call.