“We still don’t know how they did it.

Our family is deeply grateful to Rich and his team for basically saving the life of our son. This was a particularly difficult case because our son (who also has mental health challenges) was far from home, difficult to contact, and was adamantly refusing help. Whitman Recovery demonstrated immense skill, patience, and persistence. They showed our son so much respect and understanding. We still don’t know how they did it. But if they could do this for our son, I can surely highly recommend them. Such dedication and passion for their mission. All our thanks.

– Jan W.

“We found our miracle worker in Rich Whitman.”

Our son was at the very bottom… homeless for 10 years, literally living on the street. We needed a great dual-diagnosis interventionist. And we found our miracle worker in Rich Whitman. He and Nadia listened so carefully, reviewed every bit of info and devised a plan so perfect that it was nothing short of amazing. With love, empathy and a spot-on dose of reality with compassion, our son for the first time went willingly for help. (And it’s not his, nor our first rodeo with treatment). We highly recommend Whitman Recovery Service… thank you so much.

– Beth M.

“They all have a genuine desire to help others.”

A good friend of mine connected me with Rich and his daughter Nicole who helped facilitate getting my husband into a 90-120 day program. Rich pulled some strings to get him into one of the best places possible to help him with the start of his recovery. Rich took the time to talk to me and other family members and was very empathetic and kind.

It was apparent from the beginning that he had a wealth of knowledge and experience and that he’s committed and compassionate about helping others. Nicole was so friendly and helpful and always made me feel supported. Hannah went above and beyond to help in any way she could and provided support and encouragement. They all have a genuine desire to help others and are very personable and loving. I am so thankful for Whitman Recovery Services. Without them, my husband wouldn’t have gotten the kind of care he needed.

– Tammy C.

“He has resources in every state.”

I’ve known Rich Whitman for more than 10 years. He is always just a phone call away and my family has needed his services many times. He has resources in every state. But more important is his ability to counsel, advise and have so much compassion for the patients and their loved ones. We call Rich “Our Angel”. I highly recommend Rich and his team of dedicated professionals.

– Paula M.

“He had no obligation to me or my family after the intervention, but yet he is still helping.”

I reached out to Rich a couple of months ago when I finally came to the realization that I was going down a road I had no idea how to navigate. The most important person in my life needed help. Immediately after speaking with Rich, he went to work. He learned about my son and looked for the best options for both him and I. He helped me gain the courage I needed to make moves. After the intervention, Rich stayed in contact with me and the rehab facility where my son was at. He is also helping me figure out our next steps. Rich TRULY cares about those he is called to help. He had no obligation to me or my family after the intervention, but yet he is still helping. Thank you so much Rich and team for everything you do to help families like mine. I am truly humbled by your kindness.

– Roxann G.

“Finding you in our path has been the light for us.”

We want to tell you how much we appreciate the support that you have given to our family and our son who is struggling with his mental health issues. Our hearts were in pain with all this situation that we are going through and finding you in our path has been the light for us. There are no words to describe how much we appreciate your attention and help with your intervention guidance with us. We will always have you in our prayers. If you are in need of help for a friend or a loved one don’t hesitate to reach out to Rich he is passionate about helping people and guiding them on the right path to recovery.

– Sal B.

“Rich was the calm in the storm.”

If you have a loved one going through addiction you NEED Rich on your team. Rich helped my husband and me at getting our son to treatment. Rich guided us, called us, worked with us in making the right choices to get our son to treatment. We are forever grateful for the advice not only in getting our son to treatment, but in educating us about addiction. Rich was the calm in the storm.

– Jenny S.

“He drove a very long way to come help my son.”

I knew my son needed help, and had no clue what to do. I felt like if I didn’t get him out of his house and our town that he would die. I called Rich. He drove a very long way to come help my son. We knew my son was going to be very resistant to going for help… it was not a pretty sight. But he went… and it saved his life. Now he has a chance… forever grateful.

– Susanne C.

“Absolutely instrumental in helping save the person I hold most dear in this world.”

Absolutely instrumental in helping save the person I hold most dear in this world. When confronted with this situation, in a world I do not understand, Rich was the guiding light. I am extremely blessed to have his assistance with one of the hardest things I have dealt with in my life. THANK YOU RICH!

– Sean E.

“Saved my life!”

Saved my life! This is no exaggeration. I truly believe that I was going to kill myself, either from drugs and alcohol or my bad choices from my use. I have now been sober for a year and a half and that might not seem like a long time to most but for me it was a minute to minute thing. They understood me, they loved me, and they taught me the tools to get and stay sober. Freedom is what I have now. FREEDOM from the addiction trap. Thank you Mr. Whitman. My family also thanks you.

– Truman B.

“They are definitely the best.”

Rich and Nicole were recommended to us when I sought treatment for my son. They are definitely the best and I would recommend them to anyone. We did a tough intervention which would never have been successful without their guidance. Great people!

– Carriline B.

“My son has willingly entered treatment!”

I happened upon Mr. Whitman by accident. Was introduced and he shared profession. Sat on it a while and reached out 10 days or so later explaining I felt he crossed my path not by accident. My son has been using fentanyl for four years. Asked him for suggestions on how I might encourage him to become whole again. He offered his personal time to speak with my son.

As a single working mom, I needed someone knowledgeable in this area to guide. Well, not only has he guided perfectly so far, but my son has willingly entered treatment! He’s two weeks in and Rich Whitman is the reason for it! I will forever be grateful to such a gentleman who waltzed so casually into my life—truly believe it was a God thing.

As Father’s Day approaches this weekend I wish Rich the happiest of all Fathers as I have since learned he’s done this type of thing his entire life. Has rescued kids off the streets at 2 am and held parties for the recovered. His son shared this eloquently. God bless you Rich and Happy Fathers Day—you deserve it.

– Robyn C.

“The premier ‘go-to’ in a time of mental health or substance use disorder crisis.”

Rich Whitman is the premier “go-to” in a time of mental health or substance use disorder crisis. His tactful, seasoned approach is second to none. Rich and his team will get the job done guaranteed! An in-sync head and heart create a balance to compliment Rich’s four decade career. This caring professional is top notch. If you’re out of hope, call Rich. Thank you Mr. Whitman.

– Greg R.

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