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Sober Transport Services

Helping your loved one to access treatment can be a complex process. When your loved one is going to treatment or transferring between facilities, extra support can be needed. Traveling can result in many stressors and triggers, which is why we offer sober transport services.

We help your loved one to get to and from treatment, avoiding any risks along the way. Our Sober Companions will assist your loved one in coping with the usual annoyances of travel – delays and hours spent in the car or in the air – as well as risks to their sobriety, such as airport bars. The presence of a trained support person during these challenges can make an incredible difference in your loved one’s safety and recovery.

Rich will work day and night to get someone the help they need… He has knowledge of what the best program for your loved one is and also has the skills and connections to get them to that program. I highly recommend Whitman Recovery Services and trust them completely.

Mental Health Transport Services

We have also expanded our offerings to include mental health transport services. We understand what it takes to help people to transfer to or between low-, medium-, and high-security mental health facilities.

When a person poses significant risk to themselves or others, it is important that they are accompanied by a trained mental health professional. A clinically knowledgeable companion is able to defuse anxiety-inducing situations, provide reassurance, and protect your loved one from any harm along the way.

Why is Specialized Transport Needed? Why Not Just Call an Uber?

Many people may believe that their loved one only needs an Uber, Lyft, or taxi service to safely arrive at their destination. Others may consider police transport or an ambulance. Unfortunately, these options can often present certain risks to people dealing with addiction or mental illness.

First, typical civilian transports (ridesharing apps or taxis) are unequipped to handle those with special considerations. If your loved one is dealing with withdrawal symptoms or severe mental health concerns, for example, these drivers lack the specified training to properly assist your loved one. Additionally, they are only required, at most, to drop people off at the door – there is no guarantee that your loved one will actually enter the facility and enroll in treatment. Because no special training is required of drivers, this choice may not result in the desired outcome.

Next, police transports and ambulance rides have their own set of drawbacks. For example, the mere sight of a police uniform can be detrimental; it can be upsetting to some, while others may decide to renege on treatment entirely. Additionally, while EMTs may be experts in medical care, most are not trained to deal with high-risk mental health patients. Finally, the costs of contracting these services can be significant.

In our years of experience, we have found that mental health professionals are the people best equipped to help your loved one to arrive successfully at treatment. Our personnel undergo rigorous, continuous trainings, which allows them to assist in the transport of people with a wide range of diagnoses. Additionally, our team members care about your family – they will go the extra mile to ensure that your loved one’s trip is safe and pleasant. When you partner with us, you can be certain that your loved one is in good hands.

Supervision, Care, and Other Benefits

Our transport services are more than just a ride to and from treatment. Trained companions provide accountability and security for you and your loved one. Whitman Recovery Service will handle all the travel logistics, meaning that your family can focus on what is most important. Supervised transportation has many benefits, including…

  • Reduced risk of relapse and self-harm
  • 24/7 security for your loved one
  • Specialized services tailored to their needs
  • Support during stressful circumstances
  • Assistance at all hours – not just during the day
  • Secure local and long-distance transport
  • Trained professionals who know how to help your loved one
  • Time, attention, and care

Your Choice for Safe, Trustworthy Transport

Whitman Recovery Service has helped countless people access treatment and change their lives. With over 30 years of experience and a 98% intervention success rate, it is our mission to lead your loved one to lasting recovery. To learn more about our sober transport and mental health transport services, call 512-722-7566 today.