can you force someone to go to rehab?

Can You Make Someone Go to Rehab?

Watching someone use drugs or drink to excess is a difficult thing to go through. It can produce feelings of hopelessness, frustration, even depression. Moreover, it can reach the point where you want to intervene, such as sending the person to rehab. 

Can I Force Someone Into Rehab?

You cannot force someone to abstain from drinking or using drugs. As difficult as it is, the person needs to desire to change. However, there might be other things you can do to help address the problems they’re facing and, perhaps, convince them to receive the assistance they need.

You Can Stage an Intervention

An intervention serves as an awakening to the person with substance abuse or exhibiting mental illnesses. It is where friends and loved ones gather to address all the ways that a person’s behavior impacts them. It isn’t meant to shame the person but to give them other perspectives they might not see. Moreover, under the guidance of a professional, an intervention sets the stage where a person can receive the help they need after the intervention concludes.

When Should I Stage an Intervention?

Interventions should occur when a person demonstrates they’re no longer in control of their life. They could exhibit signs, such as:

  • Keeping secret stashes of drugs or alcohol
  • Withdrawing from social engagements
  • Struggling to do the basic things like personal hygiene, complete work tasks, or be a good friend
  • Shrinking away from the activities they used to enjoy doing
  • Engaging in dangerous behaviors, such as driving drunk
  • Displaying mood swings

Start with Intervention

Intervention allows loved ones to address their concerns. It also provides a caring environment for friends and family to love the user and convince them to receive the assistance they require. 

We can guide you through this. Our professional interventions have a 98% success rate because we provide a fresh perspective to this situation. That way, your loved one can understand the harm they’re causing and receive the help they need. Learn more about our intervention programs by contacting us today.