Intervention: Independence from Addiction

During these unprecedented times, there is a fear of soaring rates of suicide, drug and alcohol use and related deaths amongst experts. The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any other public health crisis and many of America’s most vulnerable are at significant risk of harm. Many require intervention and mental and behavioral health treatment. Unfortunately, accessing critical services can prove challenging for millions of Americans.

Plagued by loneliness and despair from prolonged isolation, we should be fearful of what’s to come in the future. It is critical that people who struggle with drugs and alcohol reach out for support as soon as possible. Putting off treatment can have disastrous outcomes, including overdose and suicide.

The lives of those living with active addiction are compounded by unemployment, anxiety, stress, and fear. Such individuals are apt to use drugs and alcohol to cope. In nine weeks, nearly 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment.

Stress over being able to pay one’s bills can have a severe impact on one’s psyche and lead to self-destructive behaviors. While state and federal officials have made some efforts to alleviate people’s financial woes, most individuals are still struggling. It’s not only people who are having issues, but mental and behavioral health facilities are also finding it challenging to stay afloat.

This month, 27 mental health and addiction treatment organizations sent a letter asking for financial assistance for treatment centers to Health and Human Services (HHS) Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan, USA Today reports. In the letter, they argue that addiction treatment centers have been mostly forgotten and have received little from the Health Care Provider Fund, which is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Some 46% of the behavioral health organizations remaining say they can only continue to operate for six months or less in the current financial environment.

Intervention and Independence from Drugs and Alcohol

Independence Day is this weekend, which is a time to observe our freedom and liberty. It could be the perfect opportunity to seek assistance for yourself or a loved one. Seeking addiction treatment is a challenging task; breaking free from alcohol or substance use disorders isn’t simple nor easy.

A professional intervention can be of significant benefit for families who have a loved one battling addiction. Many addicts and alcoholics are naturally resistant to seeking assistance, even when they know that they need help.

Mental and behavioral health conditions are paradoxical in that those who are afflicted by them eschew treatment. Professional guidance can be a game-changer, helping families stage a successful intervention and bringing about lasting addiction recovery.

If you care about someone who is struggling with drugs and alcohol during these trying times, please know that independence from addiction is within reach. We strongly encourage you to reach out for help and keep in mind that addiction treatment centers and interventionists are still hard at work to bring about recovery in the life of others.

Intervention in a Time of Crisis

The last few months have been challenging for every American, and especially for those battling mental and behavioral health disorders. At Whitman Recovery Specialists, we can assist your family in helping your loved one get into treatment and change their life for the better. Please contact us today to learn about our team of interventionists and why we have a success rate of over 98 percent. Addiction recovery is possible, and we are here to help.